Color Charts

Apr 7, 2021

Color Schemer
Generate matching color schemes for your website like never before with this free online color scheme tool.

Browse Colors by Name (Great for CSS!)
These are browser colors that are safe when using the ‘name’. The matching HTML code and the RGB values are also shown. However, the main purpose is to show the ~150 safe colors recognized by browsers.

Color Maker
Check it out! ColorMaker is the fastest and easiest web-based tool for adding text colors, background colors, and background patterns to your web pages. Just click on the colors and patterns you like and the sample page is updated instantly.

Free Web Page Color Scheme Editor.

RGB Color Charts
Colors charts for color safe colors (those that look the same on PC or Mac, as well as colors for HTML 3.2, selected name colors, and pastel colors.

Autoscript Color Selector
Color selector applications such as literal words, web safe color selector, and a hex value color wheel.

Hype’s Color Specifier for Netscape v.3
Yeah it’s for version 3, but it is an excellent color palette to check out. Links open up a new page with the color as background.

Color Psychology

Using Color Effectively on Your Website
People make assumptions about your business based on the colors that you use. Learn how color influences the user; Meanings of Color, Hue, Saturation, Luminosity values, and Creating color schemes.

Color Matters
Physiological and psychological effects of color. This site explores how color affects appetite, vision, sexuality, energy conservation, and its relationship to architecture and interior design. Car stories and a bulletin board.

Color Psychology & Personality test and website design
Color Psychology & Personality test and website design

Color Psychology
Color Psychology: What is color? How do we perceive color? How do we name a color? What are the physiological and psychological effects of color? What’s symbolic meaning of a color? Find the answers here!

Computerized Simulation of Colour-Blind People
What do colour-blind people see? Interactive Java applets to demonstrate colour appearance.

Color Charts and HTML Color Codes
Information on Color Psychology and browser safe colors.

Matrix Color
Research company hosts this site, which explains the physics and psychology of matrix color, halftone color, and light diffusion.

Natural Color System
Color communication in architecture, design, manufacturing, marketing, research and education. This international color order system is entirely based on how the human being perceives color.

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